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Bluetooth Car

Arduino Bluetooth Car

  • Arduino Nano  x 1
  • Bluetooth module HC-05  x 1
  • L293d Motor Driver  x 1
  • Geared Motor x2
Connecting Bluetooth Module


  • Vcc–>Vcc
  • Rx–>Tx
  • Tx–>Rx
  • Gnd–>Gnd
Connecting Motor driver


  • Gnd–>Gnd(common for arduino and driver)
  • C1-A–>8
  • C1-B–>7
  • C2-A–>6
  • C2-B–>5
  • 12V of motor driver–>9V battery



Once you are done with the coding and hardware,its time to dive your car.For this yo would need to download a suitable software on your phone..Just go to playstore and search “arduino bluetooth car”.

Click to download app

Once you have downloaded the software,go to Bluetooth settings and connect to your car by searching for new devices.

Your car should come up as “HC-05”,If it asks for pin try “1234” or “0000”.

Now open the app you downloaded and connect to the car via the app…

Your Bluetooth car should now work just fine.


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