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Webserver using esp8266/NodeMCU

In this tutorial I will be using a NodeMCU to make a local Webserver which can be used to control any device.
We will be making use of the arduino IDE to program the NodeMCU.
Before we get started it is Important that you add nodeMCU board to your arduino IDE
You can follow this post to add your board to the IDE

Parts List

2.Computer with arduino IDE


Basic Code

The following code can be used to test out the Webserver,It is designed to control one LED via the Network.
Make sure to replace the SSID and password in the code with that of your network



  • Once you upload this code head on to your Serial Monitor and check for the IP address printed there.


  • Enter this IP on your Browser and you will be greeted with the following screen


  • This is what your Browser will look like.

Final Code

A beefed up version of the previous example is given below with ability to control upto 8 devices.




To Control external device you just have to use the signals coming from the Output pins to drive relays, so as to drive heavier loads




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